About Goliath

Some men just beat to the sound of their own drum - they dress differently and instead of feeling out of place, they often feel more confident than many others out there. This kind of man is exactly who Goliath glasses frames are after. Whether you’re in need of fresh sunglasses or want to try your hand at a new ophthalmic style, Goliath eyeglasses offer a wide range of special styles.

A distinctly European flair graces each Goliath glasses frame, and by using high-quality materials, they are able to achieve styles that many other brands can only try to imitate. Goliath offers versatile sizing as well, making their eyewear even easier for men of all shapes and sizes to enjoy.

Try a bold black look that’s oversized or opt for a pair of sunglasses with gold accents and an aviator silhouette. Goliath eyeglasses embrace the unique men out there and give them options that many others don’t.

CoolFrames Designer Eyewear Boutique is an authorized Goliath online retailer. All frames are guaranteed to be defect-free and authentic. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our in-house optical lab can install custom prescription lenses into any eyeglass frame and many sunglass styles. We specialize in Essilor presciption lenses including Varilux Progressives, Transitions as well as Crizal Alize and Sapphire (Forte) Anti-Reflective coatings.