A Modern Day Conundrum

If you’re like most working folks these days, you spend a great deal of your day looking at a screen. It could be on a computer or laptop, or your phone or tablet. While these technological wonders have certainly worked to make our lives more efficient, BUT that screen you’re looking at right now can actually cause damage to your eyes?

Almost all flat screens emit a wavelength of light that is actually harmful to your retinas. With prolonged exposure and no protection, you could be at risk of retinal damage and AMD - age-related macular degeneration. Both of these cause permanent changes to your visual system.

How can you protect your eyes from the harmful blue light?

Beware Of The Blue Light

Seemingly ordinary to the average eye, electronic devices emit a wavelength of light in the blue spectrum. It is classified as visible light, unlike UV, and has a lot of energy compared to other visible light that’s around us. As a result, exposure to this wavelength can damage your retinas over time. Because blue light specifically causes damage to those cells, the more you use your computer or phone without any sort of protection, the higher the chance of that damage occurring.

Blue light is the culprit, as it’s specific frequency prevents your body from producing melatonin.

Not only can this spectrum of light create problems with your vision, but it actually affects another part of your life as well. After working all day on the computer, watching television at night, and looking at your phone before bed, do you find yourself having a hard time falling asleep?

Blue light is the culprit, as it’s specific frequency prevents your body from producing melatonin. Your body is very sensitive to this wavelength, and actually suppresses melatonin from being created and released in your body. No melatonin? You’re not triggered to fall asleep at your usual time.

Digital eye strain

Staring at digital screens not only causes tired eyes, blurred vision, and headaches, but can also cause eye damage. Crizal Prevencia lenses with Light Scan™, featuring a breakthrough, patented technology allowing the beneficial blue light to pass through the lens while filtering out much of the harmful Blue-Violet light.

Did you know?

83% of children use an electronic device for three or more hours a day.

How Can We Stop It?

There is an answer for anyone who uses a device, from children on their tablets to people working all day at day a computer.

Major lens manufacturer Essilor has created a unique lens treatment that, when applied, deflects up to 20% of blue light emitted.

They’ve named it Crizal Prevencia, and like the name indicates, it prevents blue light from reaching your retina and doing its damage.

You can order any glasses with Prevencia; no prescription is too weak or too strong. In fact, people who don’t require a vision correction at all still wear computer glasses. They simply order a pair with no prescription and the Prevencia coating!

Prevencia offers a number of things in just one product. Just like with any Essilor product, you receive full UV protection as well as a robust scratch resistant coating. The key to Prevencia working its magic is two-fold; you’ll notice the lens has a very slight yellow tint to it. It’s not enough for others to notice, but you’ll see it instantly has a calming effect when you wear it. It’s anti-reflective coating offers the usual reduction of glare from any artificial light source, but has a bit more of a blue and purple sheen to it. This element, combined with the tint, is what sets Prevencia apart from any other typical lens coating.


Your Eyes Are Worth Protecting

It might sound crazy that a pair of glasses can help protect your retinas, but with the increased use of electronic devices in the last several decades, it’s a good idea to take the route of prevention. Even if you have perfect vision, try using a pair of glasses