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Magic Clip

Magic Clip Designer Eyewear

CoolFrames Designer Eyewear Boutique is an authorized Magic Clip online retailer. All frames are guaranteed to be defect-free and authentic. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our in-house optical lab can install custom prescription lenses into any eyeglass frame and many sunglass styles. We specialize in Essilor presciption lenses including Varilux Progressives, Transitions as well as Crizal Alize and Sapphire (Forte) Anti-Reflective coatings.

MagicClip Magnetic Eyewear

The Magic Clip Eyewear collection has it all. Bold colors, embellished endpieces, open temple details, and modern shapes make the collection up to date with current fashion.

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Magic Clip Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0239Z (M 239Z) Eyeglasses
MC-0239Z (M 239Z)
$101.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0239Z (M 239Z) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0306Z (M 306Z) Eyeglasses
MC-0306Z (M 306Z)
$101.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0306Z (M 306Z) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0363 (M 363) Eyeglasses
MC-0363 (M 363)
$115.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0363 (M 363) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0384 (M 384) Eyeglasses
MC-0384 (M 384)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0384 (M 384) Plastic Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0392 (M 392) Eyeglasses
MC-0392 (M 392)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0392 (M 392) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0393 (M 393) Eyeglasses
MC-0393 (M 393)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0393 (M 393) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0398 (M 398) Eyeglasses
MC-0398 (M 398)
$115.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0398 (M 398) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0399 (M 399) Eyeglasses
MC-0399 (M 399)
$115.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0399 (M 399) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0401 (M 401) Eyeglasses
MC-0401 (M 401)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0401 (M 401) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0403 (M 403) Eyeglasses
MC-0403 (M 403)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0403 (M 403) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0404 (M 404) Eyeglasses
MC-0404 (M 404)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0404 (M 404) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0406 (M 406) Eyeglasses
MC-0406 (M 406)
$115.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0406 (M 406) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0409 (M 409) Eyeglasses
MC-0409 (M 409)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0409 (M 409) Plastic Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0410 (M 410) Eyeglasses
MC-0410 (M 410)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0410 (M 410) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0411 (M 411) Eyeglasses
MC-0411 (M 411)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0411 (M 411) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0414 (M 414) Eyeglasses
MC-0414 (M 414)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0414 (M 414) Plastic Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0420 (M 420) Eyeglasses
MC-0420 (M 420)
$115.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0420 (M 420) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0421 (M 421) Eyeglasses
MC-0421 (M 421)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0421 (M 421) Metal Eyeglasses
Magic Clip MC-0422 (M 422) Eyeglasses
MC-0422 (M 422)
$131.00 Click to buy Magic Clip MC-0422 (M 422) Metal Eyeglasses
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