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CoolFrames Designer Eyewear Boutique is an authorized Dereon online retailer. All frames are guaranteed to be defect-free and authentic. We will replace any defective or damaged items to ensure 100% satisfaction. Our in-house optical lab can install custom prescription lenses into any eyeglass frame and many sunglass styles. We specialize in Essilor presciption lenses including Varilux Progressives, Transitions as well as Crizal Alize and Sapphire (Forte) Anti-Reflective coatings.

At the request of fans across the world, Beyonce Knowles along with her mom, designer and celebrity stylist Tina Knowles created Dereon, the new lifestyle apparel collection from House of Dereon. The highly anticipated clothing line was first introduced in the fall of 2006 and serves as the next chapter in the Knowles family's love affair with style and fashion.

Inspired by three generations of women united in a labor of love, the Dereon brand takes its cue from the House of Dereon, the contemporary women's collection named in honor of Beyonces grandmother, Agnez Dereon. Agnez was a talented dressmaker who made beautiful custom clothing for private clients throughout the south. A true "renaissance" woman, Agnez used her creativity, determination and "can do" spirit to accomplish just about anything she set her mind to. It was Agnéz who gifted her daughter, Tina with her love of fashion, knowledge of design and a keen sense of style.

In turn, Tina used her mother's influence as inspiration in her career to design beautiful clothes, and has gifted her daughters Beyonce and Solange with the same love for fashion and unique sense of style. That's what makes the Dereon collection unique with a fashion fingerprint and a point of view like no other!

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Dereon Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC 271 Eyeglasses
DOC 271
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC 271 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC 272 Eyeglasses
DOC 272
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC 272 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC 274 Eyeglasses
DOC 274
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC 274 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC 275 Eyeglasses
DOC 275
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC 275 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC302 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC302 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC312 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC312 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC316 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC316 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC318 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC318 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC319 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC319 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC320 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC320 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC321 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC321 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOC322 Eyeglasses
$109.00 Click to buy Dereon DOC322 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV500 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV500 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV501 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV501 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV502 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV502 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV503 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV503 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV504 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV504 Metal Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV505 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV505 Metal Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV506 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV506 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV507 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV507 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV509 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV509 Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV515 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV515 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV516 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV516 Plastic Ladies Eyeglasses
Dereon DOV517 Eyeglasses
$100.00 Click to buy Dereon DOV517 Ladies Eyeglasses
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